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Lithium iron phosphate battery charger 500W

Lithium iron phosphate battery charger
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  • FN-500W


Parameters Table
product nameTY500   Battery chargerBrandFUNELEC
AC input voltage220VACNet   weight          2.5KG
DC output voltage12.6VDC   output current39A
Size215*130*50mmShell   materialSteel   plate
shell colorYellowEfficiency≥88%
Applicable battery type14S   12.6V lithium battery
(S = Tandem)
Charging modeThree-stage   intelligent charging mode: constant current ~ constant voltage ~ trickle   (floating charge)
Make sure the battery is fully charged (float   charging is when a lead acid charger is used)
Charging indicatorRed   and green two-color indication, red light means charging
Green light indicates fully charged or standby
Working conditionsWorking   environment temperature: -20~+40℃; Relative humidity: 5~95%;
Maximum altitude: 12000 meters
Storage conditionsStorage   environment temperature: -40~+70℃; Relative humidity: 0~95%;
Maximum altitude: 20000 meters
Multiple protectionOver   current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit, reverse polarity,
Trickle or anti-backfill
Product advantages1.   Safety certification CE, RoHS, FCC directive compatible, intelligent IC   control, CC, CV
Float /Cut-off rickle automatic conversion to meet the   needs of different curves.
2.Steel plate shell, sturdy, elegant, safe, stable and   reliable.
3. Affordable.
It has an integrated MCU and PWM for power control.
Package Contents          * 1x   battery charger
* 1x AC power cord
* 1x User Manual (Product Instruction Manual)




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